The list below outlines rough estimates for common wedding and event calligraphy services. Every event and project is different. This list is intended to give a rough idea of pricing but is by no means complete. Please contact me with details about your event for a specific quote.

Have an idea for a lettering or calligraphy project that is not included on this list? I'm always open to new ideas!
SIGNAGE - Chalk, Glass, Acrylic, & Wood (available in the Seattle area only)
If you have an abnormal size or a sign that requires a large amount of lettering such as a table assignment list, please contact me and I can give you a more specific quote. 
48x24 Extra-Large (Table Assignments) $100+
36x24 Large (Menus) $75
16x20 Medium (Welcome Signs) $50
11x14 Small (Escort Signs) $20
8x10 Extra-Small (Miscellaneous 1-5 word signs) $15

ADDRESSING AND PLACE CARDS (pricing is for lettering only)
Envelope Addressing $3.00 each (+10 cents each for lined envelopes)
Place/Escort cards, first and last names $1.25 each
Place/Escort cards, first name only $1.00 each